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VITA Lift Control Panels

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1General Details
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2Lift Basic Charactersitics
⦿ Simplex

VVVF Traction Lift * Hydraulic Lift *

No. of floors*:

Full * Down * S.A.P.B * Non Selective *
⦿ Power: 3X415+N
⦿ Safety chain contacts withstand: 110VAC, 1A
⦿ Cabinet size 500mmX800mmX250mm, high quality, powder coated (non MRL)

If the lift deviates from these basic characteristics please fill out Talinor form T2

High Volume Lift (Hotels, Hospitals etc...) * Normal Volume Lift *
3Traction VVVF Control panel
⦿ VITA Solid TM as standard Next generation full solid state "Zero Noise" control panel (for 110VAC-220VAC brake coil)
⦿ No motor contactors
⦿ Induction cage AC asynchronous motor
⦿ Up to 1.20 m/s
⦿ Distance between floors, minimum 2 meters

Control Panel:

4KW motor [up to 12A@60%ED]
7.5KW motor [up to 24A@60%ED]
11KW motor [up to 32A@60%ED]
15KW motor [up to 42A@60%ED]

Info needed to pre-program the VVVF drive
Rated Power p: [kW]
Rated current*: [A]
Rated voltage p *: [V]
Rated speed: [RPM]

Motor fan 230VDC

Open loop*
Closed loop (encoder card)*

Brake coil voltage*:
48VDC 110VDC(VITA SolidTM) Other

Motor temp. contact Motor temp. resistor

⦿ Braking resistor
4Car Door
Single car door*
Through car - nonselective N (DSEN)*

Selection of relevant checkboxes is mandatory
# Front door opens* Rear door opens* Floor Distance
Gate powered on trip P
None On close On open Full

Door limit switches P
DOL+DCL DOL only None

Door pre-opening Yes No
Car door operator type*:
VVVF Automatic door operator
3x400V door operator motor (TRVSR)
1x220V door operator motor (TRV1SR)
Manual car door (Shutter gate)


Car door operator model P:


Gate powered on rest P:
None On close On open Full

Buttons DOB&DCB P:
5Floor Designation

6Landing Doors
Automatic doors*
Swing doors + Car door CAM*
Swing doors + Fixed CAM (SF2) T*
Swing doors + Retiring DC CAM (SIUSR/CAMSR)*
Manual door (Shutter gate)*
"Car here" signal (DSEN)
7Signalization for the position indicator
Binary P*
Gray code P*
Talinor Serial P*
Direction arrows output: 2A, 24V P*
7-segment (DSEN)*
One wire per floor (DSEN)*
Motor brake switches monitoring (VVVF)*
Slow shaft brake (VVVF) N*
UCM safety valve (Hydraulic) N*
9Peripherals to be supplied with the control panel
"Virtual Engineer" - IoT 24/7 GSM cloud internet lift monitoring and remote assistance (IoT) (((* NEW *)))
Handwinding indicator device (for manual emergency release) with 12V alarm backup battery (HWDSR)
Shaft gear - magnets and magnetic sensors
Voice announcer + car gong (DBRSR)
2" LCD monochrome display (floor+arrow) with Binary/Talinor signalization (LCD) Unit(s)
2" Dot-Matrix display (floor+arrow) with Binary/Talinor signalization (DM2M2) Unit(s)
Car Gong
Landings Gong (DSEN)
10Shaft Pre-Writing
Plug & Play Full Collective (FDC8RJ)***

**Standard 3.5 meter between floors
11Extra Options
Nudge relay
Automatic light relay
"Out of service" relay
"Car Overload" relay
"In use" relay
Fire recall door close buzzer relay
Overload buzzer relay
Gate open buzzer relay
12Included Standard
⦿ Fire recall input N.C/N.O
⦿ Motor thermistor input (PTC or contact)
⦿ Cabin stop button input
⦿ Photo-electric card input
⦿ Overload and Full-Load inputs N.C/N.O
⦿ Onboard landing calls cancelation switch
⦿ Onboard car doors cancelation switch
⦿ Inspection travel from control panel
⦿ Auxiliary 24V supply for external peripherals
13Compliance with lift certifications
This section must be filled, please don't leave it blank
The lift requires special features from the control panel in order to comply with the certifications of the lift e.g trip counter, current monitoring, working hours counter, trip counter, brake self-test, brake force verification etc.

Yes  No
P - Board parameter setting N - Non standard production time T - Talinor assembly only